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7 Min Marketing with Pam Didner

Feb 21, 2019

Many people downloaded my eBook, A Quick and Easy Framework for Marketers to Enable Their Sales Team. I usually follow up with a personalized email to thank them for downloading the eBook. I also ask them to send me any questions they may have after reading the eBook. Whether it’s related to the eBook or other...

Feb 14, 2019

Andie from the UK sent me a LinkedIn messaging: 

“Hey Pam, I've been following you on Twitter for a while, and have recently heard your Marketing Book podcast, thought I'd reach out as sales enablement is a big problem right now: Where to start?!  

Actually, several people approached me about this...

Feb 7, 2019

B2B buyers spend just 17 percent of their time meeting with potential suppliers, while 45 percent of their time is spent researching independently, according to Gartner.  Out of that 45%, B2B buyers spend 27 percent of their time researching independently online and 18 percent of their time researching independently...

Jan 31, 2019

A friend’s friend, Ryerson, reached out to me and wanted to know how to make the transition from a corporate marketer to an independent consultant. How did I build my personal brand? How did I get speaking gigs? How did I get interview opportunities?

Here is what I shared with him: don’t worry about what I did. Work...

Jan 24, 2019

This event is it! #B2BMX

For B2B marketers, the one B2B marketing conference that you can’t miss is B2BMarketing Exchange. It’s jammed packed with all the B2B topics from customer-centric experience, demand generation, account-based marketing, to marketing insights and more. 

More than 1000 B2B marketers and over 90...