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7 Min Marketing with Pam Didner

Aug 30, 2017

Question: “I lead a virtual marketing team.  Everyone seems to have his or her ideas on how to do things. How do I lead the team to consensus?” -- Melissa

I know how hard it is to lead a virtual team. If you work in a big corporation, you know what I mean. There’re a lot of initiatives which are cross-functional.

Aug 23, 2017

Question: How do we deal with marketing burnout?

Let me speak from my personal experience.   

After 20 years at a big corporation, I decided to work for myself. It sounds romantic but, when you are in the trenches trying to make it work, there is nothing glamorous or romantic about it. I am my own secretary, IT, sales,...

Aug 23, 2017

Applying content marketing to sports marketing

Question: How does content marketing apply to sports marketing? -- Jake

Let’s start with the content marketing definition first. Here it goes:

 “The process of developing and sharing relevant, valuable, and engaging content to target audience with the goal of acquiring...

Aug 23, 2017

Question: “How do I make the transition from a traditional marketer into a digital marketer?” -- Elaine

I’m going to talk about my own personal journey of making that transition.

I started out as a marketing operations manager. I did mostly back-end stuff, meaning I set up tools, processes, vendor sourcing,...