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Do you want to fulfill your true marketing potential? In B2B Marketing and More With Pam Didner, you’ll learn actionable strategies and tips around digital marketing, sales enablement, MarTech, demand generation and more. 

As a marketing consultant, author, and global speaker, Pam emphasizes that marketing should leverage sales as another marketing channel and sales should use marketing as a hidden salesforce. 

In each episode, she shares her personal stories, templates, and frameworks that you can immediately put into action to help you support your sales relationships and make you look like a rockstar!

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Jul 11, 2019

A client I haven’t talked to for 2 years texted me on Monday. She asked me if we can get together for a cup of coffee. I am so glad to hear from Harriet. She was the chief of staff and operations manager for a business unit in a global enterprise.  I helped her create keynote presentations for her general manager, Jeff, and I even helped her build the internal communications process. Once I created several keynote presentations and established the internal communication process, she just ran with it. Through the grapevine, I know that she is doing well.

Jeff promoted her to be the director of marketing several months ago. I sent a short note of congratulations. She was super-excited about the opportunity, even though Harriet doesn’t have marketing experience. However, Jeff was willing to coach Harriet and help her ramp up on sales and marketing. Plus, Harriet is a fast learner. With proper coaching, she should be fine. 

Unfortunately, Jeff left the company right after he promoted Harriet. So a new general manager, Tom, was hired to replace Jeff. Tom has solid operations, finance and product experience, but doesn’t know much about marketing. Tom relies on Harriet to articulate what his marketing team does for the group. However, Harriet, without a strong marketing background or experience, has a hard time articulating her team’s contribution. she asked me if I can help her on a couple things:

  1. Articulate her team’s value-add and contributions to Tom
  2. Help her create a 2020 marketing plan 


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