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Do you want to fulfill your true marketing potential? In B2B Marketing and More With Pam Didner, you’ll learn actionable strategies and tips around digital marketing, sales enablement, MarTech, demand generation and more. 

As a marketing consultant, author, and global speaker, Pam emphasizes that marketing should leverage sales as another marketing channel and sales should use marketing as a hidden salesforce. 

In each episode, she shares her personal stories, templates, and frameworks that you can immediately put into action to help you support your sales relationships and make you look like a rockstar!

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Feb 7, 2018

A listener, Ally, working in a small software company with 2 marketing people doing everything from marketing to sales support. She is working on a brand guide to standardize not only the look-and-feel of outbound communications but also create the consistent layout for different formats of content output.

Her sales team thinks the brand guide is a colossal waste of time. They feel that she should spend the money and budget on creating sales collateral. She asked how to demonstrate the value of a brand guide to her sales team.


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