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Aug 1, 2019

I decided to attend VidCon in Anaheim this July. It was one of the few events that I went to as an attendee, not as a speaker. VidCon is short for Video Conference. I first read about VidCon several years ago and thought it was such a genius idea to create an event that brings YouTube Celebrities to their fans, a niche that was not being fulfilled.

Someone was quick enough to seize that opportunity and created an event for it. It turned out that that someone and his brother are Hank and John Green. You may have heard of John Green who is also the author of the book I love, the Fault in Our Stars, a NYT bestselling book and a popular movie. In 2018, they sold this event to ViaCom. I am sure that Hank and John are doing very well financially. 

Here is the key reason I attended the event: I’m always curious about how consumer brands market to younger generations. VidCon is a great option for me to understand younger demographics, to see various brands’ approaches to reach out to the next generation of millennials, and to check out video content creators, YouTubers.

Nike, Facebook, Instagram, Nickelodeon, NBC Universal, Mountain Dew Game Fuel and more all had big exhibit spaces at the Expo Hall. It was challenging to win young audiences’ mind shares on-site. Every brand was working very hard to make sure their booths stood out.

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